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Jitendra did something similar here with his Facebook case studies. I'll explain the concept behind Facebook Pixel and why everyone needs to install the Facebook Custom Audience Pixel on their website before running any ads...

Facebook first introduced its new pixel last year 2015 to replace the old ones.

Therefore I like to think pricing schemes sit into two distinct subsets: Emotional and Economic.

Emotion based pricing, in a sense, means you can charge whatever you want. It’s hard for our brain to process how much an experience is worth.

He is super active in our mastermind group and doesn't show any signs of slowing down when it comes to Facebook ads.

Below is a compilation of those case studies, and they've been organized into niches.

Why do some people think buying an XBOX is expensive but still will drop 0 a weekend at bars?

Well you won't need to be doing any guesswork as Mohammed El Khiyati did all the research for you.

Then you may as well be giving a piece of your business to your competition.

There's no better, faster way to increase sales than with Facebook ads.

Over the past several years I’ve become much more acclimated with how pricing works.

Obviously in order for your business to operate you need to be sufficient; bring in more money than it costs for you to create a product or service.


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