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Tiffany Royal, a fifth grade teacher, and Joyce Duryea, a special education teacher, co-teach for part of the school day. Their school has established a new program whereby many students with high-incidence disabilities (e.g., learning disabilities, mild mental retardation, mild behavior disorders) are placed full-time into general education classrooms with support from special education teachers. Tiffany Royal describes it this way, “I really wasn't sure what I was volunteering for when the principal asked me to participate.

I guess I had confidence that it would all somehow work out, and I knew I was working with a veteran special education teacher.

Though, the next school year will bring additional guidance in the form of a new law. Tom Wolf in November and will go into effect with the 2017-18 school year.

It gives clearer guidelines for truancy standards and penalties.

It's still like that for some teachers, but less so than it once was.

It's true that a number of beginners leave the teaching profession early because they don't feel effective.

According to some school administrators, we’re entering truancy season -- the time when schools start taking action on students who have racked up too many missed days.

But deciding how many missed days are punishable and what action is taken varies from district to district.

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A few states even have fully funded mentoring programs in which the mentors are expert teachers who have release time to be in the classroom coaching on a regular basis.

This is my second year teaching in an inclusion classroom and I love it.

I think all of the children in my room benefit from it.

Hunger no longer stalks the hollows and ridges of a region once emblematic of American poverty, and no one lacks electricity.

"Except for that one guy who comes in for car batteries," says Tim Groves, from behind the counter at Advance Auto Parts in Woodsfield, Ohio.


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