Nicole scherzinger dating rapper

K.’s “X Factor” judging gig into her itinerary last year, taking time away from seeing her man race on the track.

“You kinda have to look at the schedules because people will put something in any time that you have off and we’re always working,” Nicole said.

Kardashian has been considered as a sex symbol during the early 21st century.

Kim Kardashian is of Armenian descent, from her father.

“We have to be like, ‘OK, this week I’m going to try to make it to this race, if I don’t, I’ve got this performance here; what can you do? ” However, it’s their similar personalities that helps keep them together says the Hawaiian starlet.

According to Young Money star tried their best to avoid being snapped by the waiting paparazzi, with Drake leaving the restaurant first "looking relaxed", while Nicole followed shortly after.

News of a possible relationship may come as a surprise to fans of the two singers after the British rapper was said to have shared a dinner with Cheryl Cole whilst in LA and Scherzinger split from her long-term boyfriend Lewis Hamilton in October.She is also Native American, French, English, Italian, Dutch, German, and Scottish descent, from her mother.Kardashian was born to late attorney Robert Kardashian (defended O. Simpson in the infamous 1995 murder case) and Kris Jenner.During the rehearsal for the group performance, Tinie sat next to Nicole on one of the audience seats and the pair started ­dancing together and were being ­extremely touchy-feely."Everyone was eating lunch and Nicole took Tinie to her dressing room after she'd been going on about the delicious treats she'd brought back from her recent trip to Hawaii that he had to try."As soon as Simon Cowell arrived at the studio and asked where Tinie was, he laughed when a member of the production crew told him he was in Nicole's dressing room and said, ­'Another one bites the dust'."The 'Don't Hold Your Breath' singer congratulated Tempah following his performance, tweeting that he was "rockin' out".Tempah is also thought to have gone to dinner with Cheryl Cole during his time in LA. The singer had been partying the night before in Los Angeles so could be the reason for her downtrodden look.


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