Plenty of fish in the pond dating

Being separated, I specified that I was only looking to date and make new friendships.All that I have had to show for my efforts despite dozens of e-mails is a whole lot of… I upgraded the photos and edited my profile in hopes of getting more dates.The 41-year-old – who claimed to own a hotel complex in Barbados and a large house in the exclusive Cornish resort of Rock – swindled more than £45,000 from at least six women, between September 2011 and March 2013.The conman showed the women photographs of at least eight luxury cars he supposedly owned – including Maseratis and Porsches – but he in fact had no permanent home and the only vehicle he owned was a 2003 VW Golf.After the initial basic information screen, Plenty Of Fish offers just one more page (followed by an optional quiz) to enter all the information you need. It’s a valid concern that Plenty Of Fish doesn’t worry about for two reasons: Plenty Of Fish wins here because its active community means that even the worst case scenarios (porn, advertisements, spam, etc.), are corrected quickly, allowing users to start messaging immediately.I am sure that Match thinks its process is more organized — and it looks organized on the page — but for the member, it’s so much easier to be able to complete everything on one page without having to click to the next page, and the next page after that. Every time you want to update a piece of information, you have to figure out which screen you need to reach in order to edit it. Match has to approve every word you submit before you can publish it. You can upload any image you want, but you won’t be able to see it online until Match gives it a thumbs-up. Because when people sign up to a dating site they are excited and optimistic. Start sending emails before your submissions have been approved though, and the people you write to will only see half a profile. Sure, you can wait 24 hours but when you’ve just seen someone you’d really like to meet, you don’t want to wait a day before you can contact them. Logging into Match can be like walking into a library.

My marriage had just ended and no prospect of reconciliation was on the horizon. So I went back to the drawing board and e-mailed more women.

Sent out more e-mails to women whose profiles looked interesting.

Only to be ignored, have my e-mails read and deleted without so much as even a ‘thanks’ for showing some interest.

While the Plenty Of Fish profile is straightforward and completed in a single page, the Match profile is complex and hard to use. (It took me a while to realize I can click “See more” to see the rest of the photos, but when I do, I have to wait for a new page to load… And I still can’t see the picture and the profile at the same time.) Plenty Of Fish puts all the photo thumbnails at the top of the page and enlarges them with a cursor hover.

There’s no need to go to a new page, no need to wait for pages to load and I can see all the information I need right away.


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