Xbmc updating librtmp

Just to let folks know I am currently looking for input on whether or not my Android APK is currently working.

This now needs to be cut/copied/moved to the correct location on your Kodi device.

I will not permit an untagged upstream version (some random git pull) into our build system.

So, convince the librtmp team to issue a version update (like 2.5) so they (xbmc) will pull in an update https://github.com/svnpenn/rtmpdump Thank you for the additional context.

Also some features such a redirects are not supported in the main official version of rtmpdump.

Note: I will never put in the Xeebo Handshake 10 patch for two reasons, for one it's usually immediately given a take down notice and it's only for x86 and known not to work well in librtmp form, making it very impractical for these uses.

Replace the existing file in "/Applications/XBMC.frappliance/Frameworks" on your atv2. It should also work on i Phone/i Pad but I am not sure the exact place to put it.

Edit: I also wanted to add that on atv2 that higher resolution vp6/mp3 streams do not work well.

There's another guide from tuxen which talks about editing /storage/.profile, but that doesn't work (maybe it once did, but it certainly doesn't now with 3.1.x). Linux Uber-NOOB here (kinda Stranger In A Strange Land) Having got my Open ELEC install running, I'm very cautious not to mess it up with command line antics I don't comprehend.

If librtmp needs to be updated it would be more beneficial to log a ticket on github requesting this - stating the specific version required, and reason why.

It is trivial for the devs to update the version of librtmp to a newer version if a version bump is stable and justified.

all the h264/aac work great though because they are hardware accelerated Source: XBMC Community Forum - View Single Post this one is compiled for arm...

Due to increasing demand for support on librtmp relating to XBMC and the fact that it covers many different video add-ons, I am creating this thread for any support releating to librtmp.


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